Fancy Paper Dolls, Easter Celebrations

Hello! Long time no post!

Apparently, the longer I don’t post, the greater posting anxiety I get. “What do I even talk about after 6 months?” There’s a lot to catch up on! 😀

I suppose I’ll start with now, and slowly but surely go backwards to cover all the time I’ve lazily forgotten/avoided. :’)

Easter outfits have always been my most favourite outfits of the year. My first ever community meet was an Easter Meetup in 2013, which really solidified the whole world of EGL fashion to me as a teenager. I had tried to go to the one the previous year, but being a young bean, my family was a bit worried to let me go on the train alone dressed as a pastel disaster, to meet a bunch of strangers…and probably best for my ita tendencies. 🙂 It was just so nice to meet and have fun with so many beautifully dressed people who shared a common interest in cute and elegant fashion. I knew from that moment that this wouldn’t be a thing I would get over in half a year. 6 years on, I’m still repping the same hood I wore back then, as a bit of an Easter tradition! 😀

~ A Step Back In Time ~

Here is a nice nostalgic set of photos from 2013.

[We’ve learnt a lot about not posing like a flamingo, since then 😉 ]
And here’s a lovely photo of myself with Lizzy, with unintentional twinning.

Bunny Cinderella 2

Bunny Cinderella by Bodyline is such a great Bodyline print, you can’t change my mind. I still own my one to this day! I would find it difficult to part with, even though I haven’t worn it in a hot minute.

~ 2019’s Bonnie-Bun ~

Moving to 2019, I felt it would be fun to throw a bit of honour to this outfit by using it as inspiration for this Easter. I don’t know how I had the confidence to casually whip out the blonde wig and strut outside back then, I definitely had a lot more of a struggle seeing myself with such light hair this time around! 0:

fancy paper 1

fancy paper 2

~ Outfit Rundown ~

JSK, Blouse, OTKs, Shoes, Bag, Ring: Angelic Pretty.
Bunny Hood: Ergi By Piratessan.
Brooch: Peppermint Fox.

It was such a good feeling to finally wear this dress for Easter! Fancy Paper Dolls by Angelic Pretty is just made for the theme, and paired with yellow it’s just a dream. I’ve had it for a few years now and I’ve been saving it for an Easter occasion, but every time I ended up working or just very exhausted. Although I couldn’t make it to a comm meet this year again, I didn’t want to let it stop me, so dressing up on Good Friday was sufficient.

I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but instead Greek Easter which is this weekend (my mum and I cook greek treats like Koulourakia which is my favourite part of the holiday). Mmmmmmm….


I don’t know how to get through my remaining backlog of outfits, but I’ll work on it! I’ll probably just shove them in a ‘2018 outfits in a flash’ post and then ‘2019 so far’ so I can pretend I have it together. :’D

Thanks for dropping by!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Paper Dolls, Easter Celebrations

  1. Yessss, we definitely need more yellow in lolita! It’s such a cute colour and looks just adorable with sweet lolita. What’s fun is other than some coord details and the posing, you have changed next to nothing in those six years. Both looks are very adorable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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