Fairy Tale Forest – Little Starlet – A Review

Hi there!

A busy couple of months has left me with little time for the more enjoyable things in life, like writing about pretty dresses which appear in my wardrobe here and there. But today I’ve taken a day aside to highlight this beautiful OP which arrived to me just yesterday. πŸ™‚

I first saw this dress by Fairy Tale Lolita on Lolita Updates (A Facebook page which highlights upcoming prints and dresses released by various brands across the world). I instantly fell in love with it, it looked so magical even just in the stock photos! I clicked through and came across the lovely model shots, which pretty much sold it for me. I’ll attach some below and you’ll probably understand why I was so instantly fascinated:

[Image Credit: Fairy Tale Forest]

~ Ordering Process ~

As this is a review of the dress and brand, and not a review of how I pre-ordered or purchased it, I’ll skim over these details quickly now so they are out of the way. I pre-ordered this dress using Yoybuy as not a lot of Taobao agents allow pre-orders, but this site does thankfully. They just require you to pay the entire item’s cost upfront which isn’t too much of an issue. A quick note that Yoybuy can be quite pricey especially if you’re an Australian who has to suffer through the exchange rate. But if you’re desperate like me, you’ll probably excuse this, haha.

I preordered on the 18th of June. The total cost was $73.15 USD (Close to $100 AUD). The deposit link implied that the dress would be released some time in mid July I believe. It was mid July and I hadn’t heard anything from Yoybuy, so I shot them a quick message and they simply told me to wait a couple of days and they would get back to me.

….Well they never did, so I was like, okay. ;w; I had a couple of items I had ordered already, so I got those shipped out at the end of July.

It was literally the day after I had shipped out those items, that Yoybuy were like “HEY YOUR DRESS IS HERE!” I died just a little bit inside. So over the month of August I compiled a couple more things I “needed” (more like “Brightlele have a sale on so I GUESS I need new wigs ;)”) and finally shipped out a parcel containing my dress a month later. Yay. :’)

~ Dress Details ~

It was TOTALLY worth the wait though! Honestly, I am so impressed by the quality of this dress, I just couldn’t resist sharing it with everyone. This brand doesn’t mess around when it comes to their brand name ‘Fairy Tale Forest’, as this dress feels like something straight out of a beautifully illustrated picture book. ❀

Here are some full-body shots of the dress from all angles.

The dress arrived in a simple zip-lock bag printed with the brand name. I had seen other girls receive theirs in a box with a bunch of postcards and stuff, so either I missed out or Yoybuy claimed some cute photos of the models. ;o; I ordered this dress in Pink in a size S (Size S, Size M, Size L, and Size XL were available).

Honestly, this is quite a generous size S, as it fits my mannequin who is quite a chunky lady. πŸ˜‰ Usually I’d have to undo the shirring on all my AP to make it fit, so I’m impressed. Lots of breathing and moving room, never a bad thing! πŸ™‚ This OP does not have any shirring, and uses a back zip. There are two detachable waist-ties included to pull it in.

Admittedly there’s a lot going on on this dress feature-wise. There are a lot of beautiful laces, buttons, fabrics, trims, ribbons, ruffles and the works spread across the piece. Despite this, I think they’ve all been very well thought out, as they all work together in harmony. I especially love the starry lace in conjunction with the speckled-sheer-glittery-star fabric. It creates such a whimsical feeling, and truly lives up to the Little Starlet name. Although the sheer top layer of fabric isn’t as soft as I assumed it would be (I was supposing it would be more of a chiffon), it holds its shape very well and really flatters the style.

Here are a bunch of photos to better illustrate all of these varying features~

I really love the addition of sheer sleeves, I’m such a sucker for tasteful overlays and sheerness (I say tasteful because lately AP have just gone crazy with layering any overlays over a print and calling it a day… hurts my heart ;o; ). The fabric is quite breathable, so although there are a few layers to the skirt, I feel like this dress could be worn into early Summer without too much trouble, and of course, layered over with a cute cardigan when Winter settles in.

I think my favourite part of this piece has to be the skirt. Honestly, I think seeing it in those model photos is what made my heart jump out of my chest in need. It reminds me of the scallops along the top and bottom vintage carousels. Also, there is just, so, so, SO much of this skirt going on. For reference, I had both an A-Line petti and a cupcake petti under this skirt (what I usually wear under my dresses) and I feel like I could still add a third layer comfortably. The models look to be wearing a hoop skirt, so perhaps I’ll invest in one for the hotter weather (and that perfect rounded shape, sooooo good).

Here’s a thousand more photos because honestly this dress just speaks for itself. There’s so much I could say but I’ll let your eyes do the talking. πŸ™‚

~ My Opinion ~

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the quality of this dress from Fairy Tale Forest. Not only was the price very reasonable, but I received a dress which far exceeded my expectations. All images were completely true to life, and I have nothing bad to say about Β it. It isn’t itchy, all seams and edges were finished off to a high standard (I couldn’t find a single loose thread, wild right?), and you can really tell a lot of thought was put into the production of this piece. ❀ I can’t say I’ve ever received a particularly bad dress from a Taobao brand before, but never have I received a dress which has impressed me so thoroughly in every aspect.

I would definitely recommend and be more than happy to purchase from this brand again! I was not paid to do this review, this was genuinely from the bottom of my heart and my desire to share such a beautiful piece with the world. I’m not even sure if this brand will ever see this review, but if they do, you are wonderful and thank-you for being so dedicated to creating stunning lolita fashion pieces. πŸ™‚

Oh, yeah, they also threw in these cute tiny little purple hairbows. Thanks guys haha!

I hope to inspire at least one person who might be looking for reviews on this dress, to take the leap! In case you are curious, the dress comes in a few other colours too.

Pink is my thing so it made sense for me to go with what I love best. But hey, live your best life and get the colour which calls your name! I’m sure the other colours will be just as impressive. πŸ™‚


Thank-you everyone for your patience with my very slow updating! I’ll be sure to do an outfit recap for the first half of 2018. I’d also love to share some more reviews! I find it really enjoyable to capture all the lovely details of pieces and talk about them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if these will all be brand new pieces that I will review (as I’m a bargain hunter who usually just buys Japanese brands secondhand and calls it a day), but I hope they will help anyone on the fence about certain dresses.

Along with that, I have also been making accessories here and there, so I’d love to share tutorials in my (limited) free time on how you can make little personal additions to your wardrobe. Sometimes you just shouldn’t have to justify $130 for a tiny headpiece with three hydrangeas on it, when you can make a prettier one for a tenth of the price. Sorry brands. I love you but not that much. ❀


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Forest – Little Starlet – A Review

  1. Thank-you so much, I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I also feel the same way about reviews, it’s so pleasant to see something under the microscope sometimes. Stock photos can often be so vague, it’s always nice to see all the angles and some personal opinions. πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to work on more soon~


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