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Back from Hiatus, 2017 in a Flash~

Hi there!

After taking a year-and-a-half hiatus from blogging so that I could focus on my final year of university studies and getting my life into order, I am back and filled with determination to get right back into it! 🙂

I believe 2017 was possibly one of my busiest years yet, therefore, I had to sacrifice a lot of my hobbies to ensure that I could achieve my goals. This meant not as much time for fun things like going out to explore, wearing nice clothing, and seeing friends. Most of my year was spent locked indoors in front of a computer screen designing my heart away. :’D Into 2018, I’ve been spending a lot of time catching up on time lost with friends, family, and life.

It’s been a bit hard here and there, but I think now is the time to get back on my feel and get moving on blogging! There is so much I’d love to recap, but realistically I think I’ll only highlight the big things or compile many smaller things into sweet little posts. 🙂 As much as I love an ordered timeline of events, I think it will be unrealistic. Regardless, here I am! Hello!


2017 In A Flash

Here’s a recap of all my lolita + otome outfits of 2017 which I managed to photograph. Even though I was excruciatingly busy, I’m proud of how many times I managed to drag myself out of the house! o:

 Angelic Pretty – French Girl JSK in Pink.

Angelic Pretty – Royal Poodle JSK in Pink.

Angelic Pretty – Toy Parade OP in Mint.

Angelic Pretty – Milky Swan OP in Pink.

Angelic Pretty – Royal Poodle JSK in Blue.

Angelic Pretty – Jewellery Jelly JSK in Blue.

Angelic Pretty – Decoration Dream JSK in Yellow.

Angelic Pretty – Eternal Carnival OP in Lavender.

BTSSB – Sweet Poodle’s Wonder Pocket JSK in Pink.

Angelic Pretty – Melty Chocolate OP in Pink.

Emily Temple Cute – Puppy JSK in Green.

Angelic Pretty – Romantic Little Garden JSK in Grey.


Peppermint Fox – Tea Emblem JSK in Milk Tea.

Innocent World – Teddy Bear Stamp OP.

Emily Temple Cute – Patisserie Print JSK in Pink.

Mary Magdalene – Petit Fleurs OP in Wine/Raspberry.

Innocent World – Candy Poodle JSK in Pink.

Mary Magdalene – Claudette OP in Pink.

Photo 26-11-17, 1 09 30 pm

Innocent World – French Poodle OP in Navy.

Photo 6-12-17, 7 30 41 pm

Chess Story – Macaron et Mademoiselle OP in Brown.

Photo 20-12-17, 8 31 05 pm

Emily Temple Cute – Chocolatier JSK in Yellow.

And that’s a wrap! I’d love to chat about some of my adventures during 2017 in more detail, but I’ll have to see how I go. I hope to get back into reviewing dresses, recapping events, making little crafts, and sharing other fun things~

…and there’s still half of 2018 to catch up on. Eep. \o/


5 thoughts on “Back from Hiatus, 2017 in a Flash~

    1. Aww I’m sure everyone has their own personal goals! 😀 If you had asked me maybe 5 years ago, I would have been so impressed with my achievement of wearing it out so much, especially due to the size of my wardrobe back then being a lot smaller. Now that I have a lot more dresses, it feels like it would be a waste if I didn’t even get through a fraction of them ;o; ❤ Thank-you so much!!


  1. Glad to see you back! I’ve admired your outfits on tumblr for a while .. and now there’s more blog posts to look forward to! ^^ Your Decoration dream coord and Jewelry jelly too are like taken directly from a magazine .. in the best era of sweet lolita! 🙂

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