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French Girl, Tea and Shopping @ Ladurée Chadstone

Last month a few friends and I went to Ladurée Chadstone, a sweet little open-style cafe. I had heard many good things about Ladurée stores in other states and countries, and even though it was a small space I really enjoyed the setting and of course the delicious tea, cakes and of course macarons that they had to offer. 🙂

Ladurée is situated in the middle of a great big shopping centre so unfortunately we didn’t have the luxury of being in a ‘private’ space as such, but I really enjoyed myself regardless.


It was quite a hot day so tea probably wasn’t the greatest idea, but has that ever stopped us in the past anyway? 😀

The macaron selection was almost overwhelming for me! I decided I had “no choice but to come back so I can try them all eventually”, as if I wasn’t going to come back again anyway. 😉

Afterwards, we had a nice browse around Chadstone Shopping Centre. I don’t even think we made it into the old part of the shopping centre as it’s so large!

After a long day, I headed home on the bus. Conveniently it didn’t have aircon for the entire 1 hour 15 minute ride, so I ended up with mild heat stroke. Worth it? Yaa.

My Outfit:

Outfit Rundown:

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Hat: Bodyline
Shoes: Queen Bee
Socks, Blouse: Offbrand

There was no better-fitting dress to wear to a French cafe than French Girl! I went for a nice cool outfit but quickly realised that this JSK is kind of thick. Oops.

At least it will be good in Winter. :’)

Today is the last day of Summer here in Australia, which is a shame since I do typically like the heat, but it means I will get to wear nice clothing a bit more rather than summer dresses for survival purposes.


I’m looking forward to more eating adventures! (And finally posting the ones that I’ve been too lazy to put together in posts!) 😀


3 thoughts on “French Girl, Tea and Shopping @ Ladurée Chadstone

  1. I always forget that February only comes in 28 or 29 days XD. technically is only last day of summer but heat might roll over in March as usual
    ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    I really enjoyed this meet, even though it was a bit far for me. the tea and ice cream was so nice and pleasant for the hot weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I totally feel, I didn’t realise till I had to turn my calendar over! ^^;
      I hope that we can do some more adventuring of lovely places, maybe a bit closer or a single transport method for everyone next time though haha~

      Liked by 1 person

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