Wardrobe Post 2017 – Sweet with a sprinkling of puppies!

Hi there!

I participated in my first wardrobe post last year (which you can view here) so I couldn’t resist the idea of doing it again this year to see how far I had come. 🙂 It was a great idea till….I realised that being a perfectionist, working full-time hours and having many more pieces than last year meant for a loooooot of hard work to get this done in time…but I did it, somehow. :’D

My wardrobe consists of mostly sugary-sweet prints, but my love for dogs has seeped into my clothing preferences so I have quite a few dog-related prints here and there. Therefore, I think the best description of my wardrobe as “sweet with a sprinkling of puppies” as that pretty much sums up what appeals to me best. I just wish brands would be more versatile with dogs, there are so little options and everything is white poodles…but I’ll take whatever I can get, haha. 🙂

Last year, my goal for my wardrobe was to buy more bags, shoes, matching headbows and a 2016 piece. Unfortunately, I didn’t get many more bags or headbows, but I achieved the other goals at least! I’m really proud of how my wardrobe has grown, especially because I do make it harder on myself by almost always avoiding spending anything over $100-$150 on a main piece whenever I can – even if it involves waiting months and years for prints I desire. If I can do it with the awful AUD exchange rate, anyone can! 😀

This year’s goals will be to get a wider variety of coloured headpieces, and to get a couple more dog prints. I feel like my wardrobe is at a point where I don’t need much more, and is almost everything I could dream of already – I just want to make it a bit more versatile at this point.

Onto my wardrobe!


~ OPs and JSKs ~

toy-paradetoy-fantasy-opsugary-carnival-ophoney-picnicharlequinade-opbunnychan-tea-party-opmagical-cosmetics-opmilky-cross-opnameless-poem-opeternal-carnival-opjazz-corgi-opwonder-party-jsksugary-carnival-jskfancy-paper-dolls-jsksugar-pansy-jskmermaid-symphonymemorial-cake-halterjskjewelry-jelly-jskddc-jskfantastic-dolly-jskcandy-sprinkkle-jskfrench-girl-jsktears-of-an-angel-jskfrancois-rose-jskfrancois-polkadot-jskhoney-bear-labelsoft-cream-jskbunny-cinderellafrancois-polkadot-replica-jskmilky-fawn-opI wear all but the last two dresses in lolita – the Bodyline replica is now a sundress for me when I want to go out and cuddle dogs at the park, and the Milky Fawn replica was my first lolita dress when I was 14, so I keep it as a memory of where I began in the fashion many years ago. 🙂

~ Skirts ~

I’m not really a skirts person because my waist is so small, but I couldn’t resist these ones, even if I have to pin a couple of them to keep them up! :’)


~ Coat ~

Just one! I live in Australia, I shouldn’t need any other reason to explain why I only have one coat. 😉


~ Blouses and Cutsews ~

Some of these have detachable bits and pieces such as sleeves, bows, jabots, etc. 🙂 Also a good time to mention that I took all garment pictures on a 39 degrees celsius day and at this point of the day I must have fried my old DSLR, hence the weird quality of these specific photos – sorry!


~ Cardigans and Boleros ~


My everyday clothing mixes in quite heavily with my lolita wardrobe which is why I have so much, cardigans are basically everything I wear whenever it’s not too hot. 😀

~ Hair Accessories ~

Because I enjoy dressing in lolita in a comfortable way, I lack in a variety of exciting hair accessories as I like to stick to a simple bow, hat or beret most of the time. I would love to get a couple more of the matching hair accessories to certain print dresses, though!


~ Socks ~


I have two feet and this many socks. What’s wrong with me.
Bonus picture of the sock drawer.


~ Shoes ~


~ Bags ~


At this point my bags are chosen more for practicality over anything else, as I usually try to bring my camera along to meets to take photos of friends, and need something that can usually cater for that…except for my Fantastic Bunny bag and Milky Bear strap, those are straight out decorative bags with no functionality at all :’) (I can’t even fit my phone in Fantastic Bunny, and Milky Bear is…just a strap you stick on your wrist/bag…. R.I.P).

~ Jewellery and Brooches ~

Too much to photograph individually but you get the idea. 😀


~ In the mail ~

I worked almost every day through Christmas and New Years holidays and I treated myself for surviving retail hell. Everything except Fantastic Dolly was under $50, my patience was rewarded. 😀 some of these actually already arrived but pretend I wasn’t too lazy to photograph them 😉



Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions about anything or would like some nicer shots of any specific dresses, just let me know! I’m more than happy to help. 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t think my wardrobe will grow much more into 2018 as I’m really satisfied with where it is now, but I do hope to continue participating in this yearly event for the fun of watching my style develop entirely into dogs. 😀

Regular mannequin coordinations and other blogging will continue from here on, it’s just a shame that this wardrobe post took me. The. Entire. Month. :’) Hope it was worth it!!!! 😀


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Post 2017 – Sweet with a sprinkling of puppies!

  1. I would assume it took you a long time, I mean you have lots of pretty dresses, blouse and accessories plus you had sit through and edit photos. You did a great job with it. All you colours in you wardrobe is very bright colourful and cohesive. ⃛(❛ั◡˜๑)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-you so much Karen, it really means a lot!! I admit I started feeling a little crazy after editing the millionth batch like “is this really worth it? Why am I spending my time doing this???” :’D I’m glad the suffering was worth it though, haha! Thanks again ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank-you so much Charleen! 🙂 I’m relieved you specifically mentioned my socks – I was worried they were too wrinkly to look nice in photos but felt too crazy to iron them so accepted my fate. I’m glad they look just fine to you! 🙂 And it’s not strange at all, socks and shoes are such weird clunky items to photograph nicely but I’ve seen so many nice interpretations through others posts too. 🙂 Thanks again!


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