Eternal Carnival, My First 2016 AP

I’m pretty obviously committed to the ‘golden age’ of Angelic Pretty  dresses between 2008-2013. I really did try to like the prints that AP released last year, but only very few actually piqued my interest – Eternal Carnival being one of them.

Angelic Pretty – Eternal Carnival

I was a bit hesitant to get this dress at first because the stock photos were quite unappealing – the JSKs looked too overwhelming, and I couldn’t figure out what materials the sleeves of the OP were as they looked kind of…cheap?….in the stock photos. However, after seeing the OP in ivory on a friend, all my worries were washed away. Turns out AP just needs to take more flattering photos of sheerer fabrics. ^^;

2016 was a weird year for AP – in 2015, they were really going ahead with a couple of really nice unique approaches to designs, however I felt the year before last that they missed the mark a lot more than they hit it. So many of the prints were too similar to differentiate, the colours were strange, and they just didn’t have that grab appeal to me. Eternal Carnival was one of my favourite prints of last year (just behind Harlequinade which won my heart) as although it gives the elegance of older sweet AP, it also shows some new (and successful) takes on design.


 Coordinate Rundown:

OP, Headbow, and socks you’ll see in the detail shot because I failed as a person and forgot to put them on: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Queen Bee
Necklace: Offbrand

This dress is so fancy that I felt it only needed a few simple additions to make it a full outfit. The gold of the print really stands out too, unlike in older dresses where it is more faded. I looooooove the variety of fabrics used and their textures which really give a sense of elegance to this dress.

Coordinate Details:



I’m really excited for the weather to cool down again so I can wear this beautiful piece out! 😀 I’m glad I went with my gut and persevered despite those dodgy dodgy stock pictures. 😀 The print is really so precious, consisting of jewellery boxes, pearls, roses, bows, tassels birds, moons, jewellery, and of course carnivals…there is really a lot going on but it somehow has remained quite a peaceful artwork. (Unlike some AP dresses we know 😉 )


I went on a bit of a hiatus from blog-posting in December despite making content for my blog, so I’ll be sure to post them in time! Been working hard every week for that brand in the mail. 😉 Thanks for the continual support!


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