Honey Bear Label – A Mini-Review/Coordinate

I am so proud of the hard work by the new Australian lolita brand ‘White Memories’ and their first print series – Honey Bear Label. After having the wonderful opportunity to model for them, I couldn’t resist getting a set for myself.

This is kind of half review, half coordinate. I didn’t go into too many details, but I hope this helps anyone who was curious about this mysterious new brand.

Honey Bear Label Series – Maroon/Brown

Here I am wearing the sample dress of Honey Bear Label in Maroon/Brown. I got lovely photos by the talented Studio Fourth Wall – he made me look so amazing. ;o;


Sadly Facebook compression didn’t treat these photos well. ;w;

I made the decision to choose a colour way more fitting for my wardrobe as I sadly don’t own very much maroon and brown.

Honey Bear Label Series – Ivory/Brown

I got my hands on the Ivory/Brown colourway complete with the matching headbow and socks! I personally passed on the bag because I don’t have very much to match it, but Manda (who loves all things bears) got the Maroon/Brown JSK, head bow and bag for us to twin with one day.

The dress came packed in a nice box which had a wax-like seal in the corner, which i thought was a really cute touch.

Everything was packed safely in bags with the tags attached. If you’re someone like me who loves getting pretty tags, then this will surely satisfy your needs.

I immediately put the dress onto my mannequin because, yay, new dress! I put together a simple coord which included the head bow and JSK, but I chose to not use the socks at that moment just because I loved how much these AP socks matched. I don’t really have many chocolate themed things in my wardrobe so it’s nice to see these socks getting use! 😀


Coordinate Rundown:

JSK, Headbow: White Memories
Blouse, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

I feel like brown shoes would have really completed this look, but I’m not much of a brown person so I don’t own very much yet. I’ll invest one day. 🙂

Coordinate Details:

This dress is really beautifully detailed, and you can tell that a lot of work has gone into getting it just right. I especially love the use of different trims, buttons and custom lace.



It’s hard to tell from photos, but the material is a thick, silky satin – not a horrible shiny type, but one that has a beautiful sheen to it. It really compliments the elegance of the print, too. The print features bears, pancakes, desserts, chandeliers, flowers, pots of honey and drippy honey around the edge. I really love the drippy honey, as it matches the tops of the socks! (which I haven’t photographed this time around, but if you’re curious I’ll add them in another time).

I think this dress is perfect for those who like the more elegant side of sweet lolita. I know that I’m usually a sucker for pastel print designs, but I can really appreciate the details and colour scheme of this print in its own light. 🙂


If you’re curious about this dress and want to know/see/ask anything about it, please feel free to! If you search White Memories on Facebook, it will give you the page and links to everything you need. 😀


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