Toy Fantasy, Lemon Love

I was so excited to wear this outfit out to visit a friend from interstate, but of course my busy life meant I didn’t get the chance to….my mannequin lives more than I do tbh. The weather is clearing up and I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity to wear it so, though. I must be patient. ;w;

Angelic Pretty – Toy Fantasy

Toy Fantasy is such a dreamy dress, I really love how exciting the print and design is. I waited a really long time for this dress to come up, mostly because I really dislike the JSK and that was all that people were selling – the buckle bow on the bodice reminds me of 60s dress-up costumes, and definitely isn’t my thing. The OP is everything I could have asked for and more, so I’m glad I held off till it appeared! It paid off. 🙂

The print features lots of animal friends, including an adorable little giraffe! I think he’s my favourite part of the whole print. I’d love to get myself the matching necklace one day, if it ever appears.


Coordinate Rundown:

OP, Headbow, Socks, Bag, Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

(This is such a full-on AP outfit haha)

There’s just so much going on with this dress that it’s hard to see individual things at first, but something funny that I discovered on my dress in particular is that…the lace at the bottom has been sewn on backwards? :’D When I noticed it I immediately went into stress-mode, thinking that I had gotten myself a replica for AP-price. 😦 But I talked with some friends and it’s either a factory error, or it could have been a store sample because it has all the necessary tags and whatnot. \o/

Outfit Details:

I took a lot of photos because there’s just so much of this dress to take in, so I’ve tried to split them up with a bit of text in between. 🙂


Starting off with the backwards lace, at least it isn’t too noticeable from afar. :’)


The design has a really nice mix of textures, including various laces, cute little buttons, and even some ric-rac!


I love these socks from the Cotton Candy Shop lucky pack, despite really hating the Cotton Candy Shop dress. I’ve found they’re really versatile and perfect for many sweet outfits!


And isn’t this bag the perfect match for this dress? I’m such a sucker for this lemon yellow (not the pale type of lemon yellow, I mean the juicy lemon skin yellow!). Give me more yellow in prints, AP!

And finally, cute little bunny necklace to tie in with the animal friends scattered all over this dress. I am so filled with regret, I had the chance to buy the matching necklace and earrings with this necklace, and for some reason, said no? You ruined EVERYTHING, past-Bon. >.>

Now just to find some more opportunities to wear lolita now that I’m almost free of uni…even if it ends up just being visits to the art store and being /that/ person. :’)


Thanks so much for reading! I promise I won’t be posting twice a day again, I have a bit of a backlog but I’ll space it one to once every day or two now. I’m just filled with determination after having sacrificed blogging for a month. ;n;


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