Milky Cross – A Review

A common issue I have whenever I’m going back and forth between buying a piece and not buying a piece – I want, and NEED, photos to push me into buying! Yet, I find this is such a struggle, so I felt that I would maybe have luck in the future if I started publishing my own.

The last dress I can remember struggling with was my Milky Cross OP. As someone who is quite dedicated to older style sweet Angelic Pretty, I could not explain my mysterious love for Milky Cross. So, when it came up for a ridiculously cheap price, I umm-ed and ahh-ed and almost lost it because I couldn’t hunt down enough detail shots in a reasonable amount of time.

But I got it so that’s what matters. 😉

Angelic Pretty – Milky Cross OP in Pink

These are the stock photos supplied by Angelic Pretty. Although they are appealing in themselves, there are so many details that are left to the imagination.

This is a 2015 re-release of Milky Cross – this colour was not part of the original release. As I do not own this dress from the original release, I can’t confirm that they are the same.

The Print and Fabric:


Here is the official print via Angelic Pretty. However, on the dress, it looks different:


The print has been printed onto the sheer overlay of the dress, so it is not nearly as intense as the image implies. The purple sections of the print are also very….vibrantly blue? Not a bad thing, but there’s definitely a colour difference between the print sample and the real-life dress. I personally like the effect of a sheer print, however as the sheer chiffon is what it is, this means it is delicate. A good thing to keep in mind if you’re looking for a more hardy dress.

The crosses are also not as obnoxiously apparent as I would have thought. Due to the nature of the fabric, the little bears, cats and unicorns stand out a lot more.

Dress Details:


The bodice of the dress features lots of starry buttons and studs on the chest and bow. They’re a really nice touch, and bring out the faint gold details of the print.


There’s also a precious little gold cross hiding amongst the layers of bust lace and bows! This lace is very beautiful and soft, and can also be found on the sleeves. 🙂




The sleeves feature soft chiffon bows and beautiful layers of lace, just like the neckline of the bodice. The sleeves are also shirred – as the bulk of the sleeves are quite balloon-ey, this was a very smart touch on AP’s behalf.

Waist Bow:

I admit, this is the part of this dress that made me want it so desperately – the tails of this bow are so incredibly spectacular~

A note for curious buyers: the special set version of the Milky Cross OP does NOT have this beautiful bow. It is quite extravagant and eye-catching, so I suppose if you’re looking for a more casual version of this dress then I would definitely suggest the special set, however if you’re like me and love things like this, be strong and stick to the original release of Milky Cross. 😀




The back of this dress features ANGEL WINGS! They are such a beautiful touch, and really give this dress an extra sense of angelic inspiration.

Whilst this OP features angel wings, the JSK cut of Milky Cross features lace-up shirring in the pattern of a pentagram. So basically what I’m saying is you get the choice to be angelic or satanic. :’D I thought it’s probably important to mention this in case anyone has particularly strong religious views – The OP is probably a much better option for you…but then again, this dress is covered in fashionable crosses, so… \o/ …your call haha.

There is a gold back zipper to this dress, which is the same cross design found on the bodice.

The waist ties are….disappointing, in my personal opinion. I’ll get to sizing issues later, but even without that being considered, I expected them to be…bigger? Wider? Stronger? Perhaps made of the material/print of the rest of the dress? They’re pretty cheap looking and feeling in my personal opinion. For such a detailed dress, they don’t seem to fit in.

(They’re also extremely difficult to tie, as you can see with my tragic excuse of a bow) ^^;



The lace shares the same starry design as the lace found on the bodice and the sleeves, but has the signature ‘AP’ found on most AP dresses, which I think is a nice touch. the lace is sewn onto the bottom layer of the material, so the top layer can freely move about without too much trouble. 🙂


The sizing of this dress is….peculiar. Official measurements state the following:


About 91cm


About 88cm


About 88cm + lace 3cm

Shoulder width: 

About 34cm

Sleeve length: 

About 67cm + lace 4cm

This is something to pay very close attention to. Not sure what I’m talking about? I’ll  guide you to look specifically at the difference (or, rather, lack of) between the bust and waist measurements.

This dress is really a moo-moo, there’s no avoiding this, haha. My waist measurement is no bigger than 60cm, so I have to rely on the (flimsy) waist ties to pull this dress in 28cm for me. :’D It doesn’t look so bad, but due to the high waist, you’ll have to be very careful about where you sit your petticoats underneath – the baby bump look isn’t exactly what you’ll be desiring. ^^;

Another thing to add is that the shoulders are very small in comparison to these quite forgiving torso measurements. I was unable to feel safe in raising my arms very high, as I feared that I would tear the fabric. Although the sleeve appears to have a bit of room at the top, it really does not. I really would not suggest this dress for anybody whose shoulder measurement (from armpit to armpit) does not exceed 35cm. (For reference, I am 32cm).


This really is a very beautiful, delicate dress, which really captures the spirit of Angelic Pretty’s name. If you are a lover of chiffon overlays, soft prints, layers of lace and AP’s cross trend, then this is the piece for you. I believe it could easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, either working as the feature piece with minimal accessories, or presenting the excuse to go all out and be beautifully OTT. 🙂

It is not a dress I would advise for someone who is fearful of damaging their pieces – It is a piece I would personally save for events where I know I won’t encounter dangerous situations. It is also the only dress that I have in a dress bag, simply due to the fact that I’m very scared that even the slightest of mishaps could see the end of some of this delicate chiffon overlaying or bows. ;w;


I hope this review helps anybody who has been on the fence about purchasing their own Milky Cross! If there are any other dresses that you’ve seen in my wardrobe that you’d like a little rundown on, feel free to ask. I’m more than happy to help out! 😀


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