Soft Cream, Colourful Desires

I recently sold a few Bodyline pieces that I had worn for years and years, hoping they would have a nice new life and give me some space in my wardrobe. However, I really like to have them around for the days when I’m doing art and other potentially messy tasks, so I went ahead and bought this nice skirt (with the matching bag). 🙂

Soft Cream Skirt – Bodyline

I have this print in pink as the JSK, but I always seem to end up buying doubles of other prints, this being no exception. I feel like this is definitely one of Bodyline’s more successful prints, mainly because the design has a consistent colour scheme of pretty pastels. And of course, how can I resist soft ice-cream imagery?

I have a lot of trouble finding skirts that can fit my waist, as they always slip down to my hips. 😦 I was feeling courageous in buying this one as I saw it had waist ties but….sadly I feel like I still have no choice but to pin this one up, as it’s still a little roomy. I TRIED. It will still be a nice comfy piece to dress up or down depending on the occasion, and I’m grateful for that. 🙂


Coordinate Rundown:

Skirt, Bag, Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Cardigan: Princess Highway
Accessories, Beret: Offbrand

The seller of this skirt was kind enough to throw in this matching bag! I love it because it’s actually big enough to fit things in like a sketchbook, camera, pencil case, etc. I think my yellow AP Tokimeki bag would suit this look if I didn’t need such a big bag though. I love making yellow pop as of recent, probably because pink and yellow are my two favourite colours, and even more-so when they’re combined. 🙂

This coord is also almost entirely Bodyline/offbrand, save for the socks! I sometimes get asks on Tumblr asking if it’s possible to look nice when you can’t afford brand. It’s all dependant on what you do with the colour and the piece in my opinion, so of course you can. There’s the misconception that all Bodyline/offbrand coords will look off, but I don’t believe that – just style it well like any other branded dress and there shouldn’t be any trouble in making yourself look presentable. 🙂

Coordinate Details:

Please ignore the fact that you can see how many pearls have come off the collar of my blouse, haha!  I usually stick some pins on it to cover up my shame. :’D


If I have any critique of this print, the only thing I would change is the use of white to shade the imagery. It sadly washes out what could have been an amazing design, but I suppose I can’t complain for the price. \o/


Thanks so much for reading! I only have an entire 5 followers of this blog but honestly it’s so peaceful to collage some photos together just for myself. 🙂


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