Nameless Poem, Religious References

A few weeks ago I acquired the very beautiful Nameless Poem OP by Ista Mori. This dress is certainly not my usual style, complete with it’s nun-like appearance and religious motifs thrown around here and there. Regardless, for some reason I’ve always admired this piece, so I took the opportunity to buy it and ran with it. 😀

Nameless Poem OP – Ista Mori

Ista Mori is a lovely indie Taobao brand which is most commonly known for this exact dress. It also comes in a lovely wine colour and a deep grey. I decided to go all out for the full gothic effect. 😉
The dress comes complete with the detachable nun-collar, some thin waist-ties, and a belt. I’m not exactly sure how the functionality of both the belt and waist-ties work together, so I think you’re meant to choose one at a time to wear since they’re both designed to sit at exactly the same section on your waist. \o/


Coordinate Rundown:

OP, Collar: Ista Mori

Socks: Innocent World

Shoes: Bodyline

Veil, Necklace: Offbrand

I went for a pretty simple coordinate so I could make this dress shine! (also because some matchy-matchy stuff hasn’t arrived yet, huhuhu…) This veil is also conveniently from a photoshoot I conducted a month back, I discovered it matches the theme perfectly. 🙂

Coordinate Details:

Here are some details from this outfit! Although this dress doesn’t have an extravagant border print, it makes up for it with intricate lace.


I hope nobody finds offence in making religious motifs fashionable. In my defence, I’m pretty sure AP would be cursed to the ground in comparison to me for their millionth religious-referenced print. :’D


I’ve been a bit behind in coordinates so I’ll do my best to catch up and keep up! Thank-you so much for reading. 🙂


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