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Memorial Cake, Animaga 2016

Hi there!

Long time no post. I’ve been beyond busy, but I’m glad to have some things to share upon my return. 🙂

At the end of August, the local convention Animaga came around! I attended both days – On Saturday I cosplayed Kotori Minami from Love Live, and on Sunday I wore lolita and entered the Lolita Fashion Parade. This is one of the only cons that actively allows lolita fashion to showcase what we do best, and are respectful about it. They also allowed for a lolita panel, which involved a friendly conversation between a few lolitas about the fashion, what it meant to them, how/where to buy, etc. And of course there was a great booth run by Petite Style Society and Kanga Kanga, with lots of lolita to buy (both new and secondhand) as well as sweet pamphlets about different Japanese fashions.

My Outfit:


Outfit Rundown:

JSK, Bonnet, Blouse, OTKs: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Queen Bee
Bustle (which you can’t really see), Bouquet, Accessories: Handmade

 It was my first time wearing something quite OTT but I really enjoyed it! My inspiration for this outfit was the lovely modelling outfits at AP fashion shows, as well as all the gorgeous details that Memorial Cake has to offer. I handmade my tulle bustle-ish overlay thing (which you can only sort of see) to match the tulle details of the JSK, as well as the bouquet for the occasion which I really enjoyed arranging. It feels so nice to make something especially for an occasion. 😀

This was also my first AP dress back in the day, but I only recently acquired the matching bonnet so I feel so fulfilled as a person now haha!

Detail Shots:


Fashion Show:

Here are some pictures from the fashion show, courtesy of a few friends (Thanks Christian and Belle!)

Even though we were each on the stage for no longer than 30 seconds, we were all very anxious both before and after! There was a lucky draw at the end for prizes which was nice too. It was just a great feeling overall to be standing on stage with so many other amazingly-dressed friends. 🙂

As a final farewell, my highlight photo is me with the Nozomi-car. Someone, somewhere, is living the dream. 😀

Farewell for now! 🙂


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