Day Dream Carnival, Golden Carousels

Just over a month ago, a lovely little package filled with Day Dream Carnival arrived at my house, complete with the cute head bow and socks. This dress was always up there on the list of beautiful dresses I loved, but I could never decide on a cut and colour to satisfy me. A dear friend who sold this to me helped me make this decision with a tempting price. 😉

Day Dream Carnival Memorial JSK Set – Angelic Pretty

This set is the Angelic Pretty ‘Day Dream Carnival Memorial Set’ which was to celebrate Angelic Pretty Shizuoka’s 4th Anniversary Fair, Angelic Pretty Okayama’s 2nd Anniversary Fair, and Angelic Pretty Sannomiya’s Renewal Opening, all around February and March of 2014. This is my first special set piece, yay! 😀


Coordinate Rundown:

JSK, Headbow, Socks, Blouse, Jabot: Angelic Pretty

Brooch: Peppermint Fox

Necklace: Offbrand

Shoes: Queen Bee

I went for pretty much a “full set” coordinate, only because I’m just so happy to have these matching pieces. The socks are really interesting in the way that the pattern sits to the front of your leg rather than on the sides, which is kind of reminiscent of stockings without the delicacy of stockings. 🙂

Coordinate Details:

I took the chance to take a few more detail shots in order to highlight some features of this special set, as I personally couldn’t find many myself – I’m sure someone some day might come searching for some! :’D


Someone dear to me bought the tiny carousel necklace years ago, and I’m so glad that nowadays I have a few dresses that I can match it perfectly with. 🙂

The lace at the bottom of this dress is also the same as Sugary Carnival, I noticed! It’s so lovely that Angelic Pretty’s newer take on a carnival print still uses some inspiration from older pieces. I think something else I love about this print is the stunning gold that shimmers in the light. It’s amazing how far AP has come with their prints (considering how /cough/ thin and faded /cough/ Sugary carnival is…).

And finally, this matching blouse with jabot cost me a whole 100 yen! Mbok treats me so well sometimes, it’s a specific style of blouse that I’ve had my eye on for a while too so it was really a double bonus! 😀


My apologies for a delayed weekly coordinate, I fell quite ill a few weeks ago and I’m still struggling to recover as well as balance uni and other commitments. I have some nice things to share soon though!! Thanks so much for reading. 🙂


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