Cinderella Bunny, Simple Yet Elegant

Since I received this lovely mannequin back in early February, I have been arranging weekly coordinates to showcase different outfits.

I really appreciate the freedom a mannequin has given me. As a very busy person, I feel so awful sometimes knowing that many of my dresses do not get the wear and love they deserve. However, a mannequin eliminates this to an extent, allowing me to enjoy their beauty even if they aren’t on me.
The only downfall is that up until now, I’ve been taking photos of these weekly coordinates with nothing more than my camera phone. What a mistake. 😥

Cinderella Bunny JSK – Bodyline

This week’s mannequin coordinate features the beautiful yet underrated Cinderella Bunny JSK in Purple, by Bodyline. Bodyline has a reputation for often being tacky and undesirable, and although I can agree with that in regards to some of their pieces, they do have a few pieces which really shine, this being one of them. 🙂


Coordinate Rundown:

JSK: Bodyline
Blouse, Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Queen Bee
Socks, accessories: Offbrand

Cinderella Bunny is a very exciting and engaging print, so I find coordinating it in a plain yet elegant way works best. Simple pieces with delicate details seem to be the way to go. 😀

Coordinate Details:

The pearls are such a delicate detail, props to you, Bodyline. The lace is a very nice beige colour, and overall the construction of the dress is sturdy yet simple. The print is cute and crisp too, featuring a little scene of bunnies and horses under extravagant-looking chandeliers.
Also, the little pin with my name of it was courtesy of the lovely girls at Peppermint Fox from their second tea party. Such a kind gesture, though I hope it’s not too obnoxious to wear a pin with your name on it in casual wear, haha. ^^

 Something that does always put Bodyline apart from big brand dresses is the lack of a built-in underskirt, which reflects clearly when worn. It’s a bit hard to explain through photos if you haven’t owned say an Angelic Pretty dress alongside a Bodyline dress, but basically this JSK’s skirt shape can appear a bit more bubbly and lumpy, whereas an AP dress tends to have a smoothed out and gradual poof as the tulle skirt evens it out underneath.
Not a huge deal, it’s something that you can easily overlook and easily adjust throughout the day. Keep that floof in order and you’ll be fine! 🙂


Thanks for reading my first blog post! Hopefully I can remain active in posting at least once or twice a month, but weekly would be ideal. 🙂
Looking forward to the future of Bon-Blogging!


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